About Me

Coach Mohammad El-Tayeb is a certified international Life Coach in the Middle East. Through his personal and corporate coaching programs, Coach El-Tayeb empowers individuals to achieve success and fulfill their life goals. Aside from his motivational skills, Coach El-Tayyeb also conducts relationship coaching sessions to let the participants in such sessions overcome obstacles and challenges and to improve the dynamics between spouses, partners, children or friends.

Coach El-Tayyeb was born in Egypt. After his moving to Australia, he was able to meet pioneering life – coaching professionals like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn. Inspired by a four-minute video of the outstanding life coach, Liz Brown, Coach El-Tayyeb embarked on a career in Life Coaching, a field that draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, positive adult development and career counseling with an aim towards helping people identify and achieve their goals. He has since then visited many countries around the world and has coached more than 200,000 individuals in a span of over 12 years so far.

He has also completed key training courses like ‘Enhancing listening skills ,’ ‘Human Resources’ and ‘Public Relations’ conducted by EDU in Australia; ‘Finding Your Life Balance,’ ‘Success over Stress,’ ‘Living a Balanced Life Simulation,’ ‘Managing Workplace Stress,’ ‘Anger Management in the Workplace,’ ‘International Communications,’ ‘Working with and Managing Difficult People,’ ‘Building Improved Work Relationships,’ ‘Going from Management to Leadership,’ and ‘Field Sales Skills,’ conducted by ANFBA in Australia.


Coach El-Tayyeb is regarded as one of the region’s foremost life coaches—with key expertise in the art of listening, dialogue, family parenting and solving disagreements. He is also referred to as an expert in the development of excellence, creative thinking and innovative skills. His life- coaching techniques are now widely being used across the fields of sales, marketing and customer services
Catering to a diverse and international client bases, Coach El-Tayyeb has presented many talks and lectures across countries like Australia, UAE, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. He also supervised a course entitled ‘Changing limited beliefs to unlimited beliefs’ for the Vietnamese Government—where he also conducted several other courses in a span of four years.

At present, Coach El-Tayeb has over 1,400 trainees in the UAE—training over 10,000 individuals from different age groups in the UAE.

Why Us

Coach Mohammad El-Tayeb introduces the first life coaching institute in the Middle East by establishing the Mohammad El-Tayyeb International Institute in Dubai. The institute further aims at expanding in the Arab World with the goal of becoming the first life coach academy in the Middle East.

Coach Mohammad El-Tayeb will personally undertake coaching sessions on various aspects of personal and professional life, including coaching in the fields of personal life, social relationships, business and other intricate fields that affect the individuals and communities as well. Our programs are self-paced, flexible and developed to maximize your experience. The courses provide a perfect mixture of behavioral science and coaching techniques that can improve the quality of your life.

Apart from Life Coaching, we also offer high-quality educational workshops as well as professional certification courses in Accounting, Finance, Management, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and Quality, catering for both high and public classes and in-house design training.

Finance and Accountant Certification

  • Finance For Non Finance Manager Certificate
  • Certified Financial Manager, CFM
  • Certified Financial Consultant, CFC
  • Chartered Financial Analysis, CFA
  • Certificate in Governmental Accounting
  • Certificate in Not-for-Profit Accounting
  • Certified Management Accountant, CMA
  • Certified Modern Accounting
  • Certified Public Accountant, CPA
  • Certified Internal Auditor, CIA
  • Certificate in Fraud Examination

International Sales Certification

  • Certified International Sales Professional, CISP
  • Certified International Sales Manager, CISM

Customer Service Certification

  • Certified Customer Service Excellence
  • Certified International Customer Service Professional, CICSP
  • Certified International Customer Service Manager, CICSM


Chartered Human Resource Certification

  • Chartered Human Resource Professional, CHRP
  • Chartered Human Resource Manager, CHRM
  • Chartered Human Resource Consultant, CHRC

International Professional Marketing Certification

  • Certified International Professional Marketing, CIPM
  • Certified International Professional Marketing Manager, CIPMM

Quality Management Certification

  • Total Quality Management, TQM

Our workshops and certifications are accredited by the Australian New Future and Business Academy.

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