How Coaching Works

Aim of Coaching

Coaching is a solution-focused process which works on the premise that any given challenge helps further clarify your desire and identify the steps needed to achieve them. The type of coaching depends on your requirement and what you want to achieve through coaching rather than the situation which have made you seek help. Even with clear goals and simple targets, quite often, you are not able to sustain the momentum, so life coaching keeps you motivated and focused until the target is achieved..


At DMII, certain basic principles of Life Coaching are employed. The most important one is the premise that you are an expert of your own life; thus, you are aware of your capabilities, even though they are not crystal clear or you are consciously unaware of them. We help you discover your strengths through appropriate Life Coaching techniques.

A Life Coach is a non-judgmental facilitator who can help you discover your best with a simple yet powerful question and answer session. These questions are intended to challenge your thought process in order to identify your perceived limitations. The coaching also involves teaching straightforward techniques to access your intuitive abilities and gain deeper knowledge about yourself.

During each session, a Life Coach will help you to identify an area where you would like to focus on, followed by a thread of questions. Throughout the session, you will have complete control of the process and you can rely on the Coach to further unveil and explore additional possibilities.

Below is a brief description of what happens at each stage:


Life Coaching is particularly helpful when you have an annoying issue and want a way to address through discussion. Life Coaching is highly recommended for those who are undergoing serious problems or facing severe obstacles in life, as finding a resolution could make them happier.

Whether it is coping with failure, coming to terms with deepest fears, desire to achieve goals, or simply feeling stuck without any breakthroughs, Life Coaching can help you get back on course.

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